cotton candy duster

This dusty pink coat I snagged from Zara is my winter go-to on nice days (in this case, nice means anything above freezing temperatures!). It provides enough warmth to accompany me throughout the day while upholding an effortless, sleek look–especially if all I'm wearing is a t-shirt underneath. What I love most about this well-tailored coat is it's ability to turn any old outfit into something more stylish and appropriate for tackling the day's responsibilities. It feigns elegance as while consuming and disguising a supremely disorganized human. Pair it with black skinnies and pointed booties and this look is ready-to-wear for almost any casual occasion. 

I was lucky enough to have two impromptu shoots in one day. Enjoy! 

Morning: Photos by Anthony Drayton. 
Evening: Photos by Kim Hoyos. 

Nooreen Ismail