weekend glow

Lately, I've been glowed up! 

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog. To give a brief introduction, this blog will mostly be a chronicling of my everyday life and happenings. I've been looking for an outlet to share my day-to-day thoughts, opinions on current events, interesting and inspiring findings, and recommendations on travel, beauty, food, music, etc. I figured this would be the most organized way to do it. 

Last week, after an evening spent in warm coffeeshops and hazy basements, my good friend Kim Hoyos and I decided to find inspiration out of boredom. Our night ended early, so we headed home and were able to create a daydream-y, glow-y, soft Teen Vogue-esque look right in Kim's bathroom. With the help of the natural wear of a long day, NARS' The Multiple in "South Beach," some external lighting, and vocals by Childish Gambino, we created this little series for you. Hope you like it! 

Photos by Kim Hoyos. 

Nooreen Ismail