Hi, there! I'm a user experience researcher in the financial services industry. In my day-to-day, I deliver innovative brokerage solutions for savvy millennial investors. 

My passion for scrutinizing the intricacies of human behavior led me to study Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Philosophy at Rutgers University. I aspire to bridge the disconnect between digital interfaces and user needs by exploring the motivations behind decision-making in the information age. I'm deeply intrigued by the intersection of UX, artificial intelligence, and healthcare. My current research at HCI Lab for Health & Sustainability focuses on informing the design of assisted living features in voice-activated intelligent systems for disability. I'm also exploring the systems' potential for IFTTT integration. 

Outside of UX, I'm available for freelance photography, social media marketing, brand & identity consulting, modeling, and coffee. Scratch that. Green tea. Get in touch!